Sunday, September 12, 2010

September Meeting and Show n Tell

This incredible quilt was made by Sandy Robinson for hers son Jeff's 21st Birthday. Sandy had friends and family write messages and advice for Jeff on fabric and then made up the quilt with photos of Jeff. My favorite message was 'Think like you have a brain, Run like you have diarrhoea, Tell no one!'

Everyone was impressed with the intensity of colour in the photos. Sandy had them put on fabric at Copy World. The photos have a rubber like texture to them, and this process is usually used on tee shirts.

Log Cabin quilt made by Rikki Going. These colours always look stunning together. Rikki used really interesting fabric there's skulls, bones roses, ferns and heaps more. Rikki's keeping this one for herself.

Donna Farmer made this sleeve for her husband's laptop. Its made out of old ties.

Kaye O'Hagan made this quilt for her 17th (!) grandchild. Kaye designed the quilt herself, she started with the animals and then went from there.

'Colours of the Outback' by Robin Halverson. A design by Caroline Sharkey from a recent 'Quilters Companion' magazine.

'Bow Tie Bears' made by Helen Barron for Hospice to sell.

Made by Yvonne Davies for 'Starship' (National Children's Hospital). It's backed with candlewick fabric to make it cosy.

These two are also by Yvonne for Starship.

This machine stitched lace was made by Petra Pilkington, using wash away, gold paint and beads.

The start of a table runner by Ross Baker. Made in Kerry Glen's class 'Circulation'.

Reversible fat quarter apron made by Sue Farrier. It was made for a lady who demonstrates cupcake decorating.

'Sunshine and Butterflies' By Lynn Watkins, quilted by Sally Smith from Warkworth

Here's Lynn Watkins (right) demonstrating how to braid bag handles to Sue Farrier (left).
Lynn's using an old CD to do this. It reminded me of the 'french knitting' that I used to do as a kid with an old wooden cotton reel. The handles of the bag in the photo below are made from the braid.

It was also 'suitcase sale' at club yesterday. Members bring items to sell. Here we have members busy filling bags with buttons. A bargain a $1 a bag.


  1. Leeanne,
    Have you any further news on the Crazy Quilt class you were going do. An ex club member who is going to rejoin is interested

  2. Hi Carmel I'll ring you tooin case you don't see this. But yes class will be weekend Nov 27 & 28 venue etc not worked out yet.


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