Sunday, September 26, 2010

Birmingham Festival of Quilts 2010

Hi I found these two good videos on youtube of the Birmingham Festival of Quilts, the first is video and you get to see some merchants, an interview with the overall winner and more.

The second is a slide show of quilts. It goes fast, so if you want to look at any quilt a bit longer, have your mouse ready on the pause button! There is an incredible range of quilts to see, enjoy!

The embedded videos are to wide, so to watch them on youtube (so you can see them on a larger screen or full screen) double click on them!

Don't know why they are too wide, I'm using the same size as last time, the joys of computers!


  1. HI Leeanne Great quilts ah. Thanks for helping me out about Ezi Sew tables. I have been in touch and will have one in the near future.

  2. Thanks for showing the quilts and the videos!

  3. I enjoyed watching the videos, thanks for sharing.


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