Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Mixed Media Wall Hanging Workshop

Hi everyone, last weekend I went to Hazel Foot's class, 'Mixed Media Wall Hanging'. We started with 'tissue paper prints' and then made them into fabric. When I get organised I'll put a 'how to' of this on the blog, but first I thought you'd like a peek at what we did.

This is the start of Gaye's Sunflower wall hanging, below is it basted ready for quilting.

This is Jocelyn's, she used pictures from her trip to Peru.

Carol's has a Sea theme going on, below nearly ready for quilting.

Here's mine a bit of a mess, and below not much better. I need to put the hydrangea's back in!

Helen's has her cat in the middle and the most beautiful textured fabrics.

Lynne used photos from her garden.

Petra's at the start of the day, wonderful textures and later she added some greens too.

And here is Robyn's wall hanging nearly all sewn together. I love that tree fabric.

Hazel is a very talented quilter & teacher, and I learnt a lot in this class. She is teaching at Remarkable Symposium if you are going, check out her profile on their website (scroll down the page).

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  1. They all look so interesting and very different from each other. Looks like a fun workshop. I'm going to check out Hazel in my Symposium book.


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