Sunday, September 5, 2010

Blast from the Past

I work at a Primary School, (5 year olds to 10-11 years olds) and was asked by a teacher if I could bring in some embroidery for the kids to look at next week. They have been sewing with plastic needles and threading beads etc, and the teacher would like them it see different things you can do with embroidery etc.
So as well as taking some crazy quilting samples, cross stitch etc I have dug out some stitching my eldest Son did when he was a pre-schooler (He's nearly 20 now). They are so cute (I'm not biased or anything!) I thought I would show you too.

He had a real thing for Trains. You could see the train track from the gate of our old house, so every morning at 10.45am he would be at the gate watching! Each train had its own number and I can remember him running inside to tell me when a train different than usual was running. Also he was a Thomas the Tank Engine fan. I think I may have drawn the outline for him based on Thomas.

He drew this one himself, not sure who it was supposed to be, maybe Dad with his fire helmet on, or it could have been a train driver!

So if you have little kids this is an easy & fun thing to do with them. It's very good for their fine motor skills too.

*Cut some Hessian into small square or rectangles. Then just in from the edge, zigzag around them to stop fraying. (You or the child can pull threads off the Hessian outside of the zigzag stitching to make a fringed edge.)

*Draw a simple design, or have the child draw one, on the Hessian with a marker pen.

*Thread a large blunt tapestry needle with wool. (Use a doubled thread so that the needle doesn't unthread.)

*Demo a few stitches, and then let them go for it.

*Offer help and praise


  1. Definitely a blast .... before my kids I can remember me doing something like this in Primary School!

    Judy B

  2. I am sure that the kids loved doing all of that.


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