Monday, August 2, 2010

Mid Winter Arts Festival

A bit of a non-quiltly post but there is some fibre in it!

This is the frog I bought on Saturday at the Mid Winter Arts Festival here in Whangarei. I think it looks like he is doing a 'Night Fever' dance ala John Travolta.

There were a lot of different demo's and activities going on at the festival, I took a few photo's to share.

This little old man's made from felt, using a dry needle felting technique.

The lady here in the purple was teaching how to make a felt 'face'. There were several kids having a go & adults too. 

Here is one face coming to life.

Here a local Buddhist monk is showing children how he fills his chak-pur (a traditional metal funnel that dispenses the sand). The pictures on the wall behind him are made from coloured sand. You can see on the table where people have had a go drawing with sand. These little girls are going to have a go in a minute. It looked quite hard to get even lines. You gently tap, or run a metal rod over the chak-pur to slowly release the sand. 

There were several boards set up for Graffiti Artists to paint, was interesting to see the layering of paint in some areas to build up colour. 

And of course there was music! There was heaps more, a poetry competition, portrait painting, pottery demo, hand made glass items, photography competition, food from different cultures, and lots to buy as well. 

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