Thursday, August 26, 2010

Leah Day- Quilting in the Ditch

Hi everyone, a lot of you are fans of Leah Day and her '365 Days of Free Motion Quilting Filler Designs'. (There's a link to her blog on my 'blog list' on the side bar too, in case you haven't had a look.) Well her designs are great but, if you are like me you can still have problems deciding how it use them in your quilt. Leah has just started a great series of videos on different ways to quilt your quilt. The first technique covered is 'Quilting in the Ditch'. Have a look at them I'm sure everyone who does will learn something, no matter how long they have been quilting. The summary video is especially good, wrapping up the pro's and con's of this technique.

TIP: After you have started the video run your mouse over the bottom right hand corner till you see 'Watch on YouTube' then click to watch on a larger screen.

Quilting in the Ditch Part 1

Quilting in the Ditch Part 2

Summary of Quilting in the Ditch


  1. Very good of her to be sharing, she has some great tips...interesting she free motions her ditches.

  2. Yes she is very generous with her knowledge. I usually do my 'ditches' with walking foot, but next time I have some to do I'm going to the darning foot. I liked the way she had her hands very close to the needle. That way there is only a small area to stitch before your have to reposition your hands and there is more control.

  3. Leah is so prolific and so generous with her skills, I wonder if she ever sleeps! Thanks for sharing her latest project.


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