Sunday, August 1, 2010

Challenge Quilts

The Challenge for the Quilt Show was to make a small wall hanging inspired from a Fairy Tale or Nursery Rhyme. I haven't shown you all of the Challenge entries so thought I would today. As before I haven't reduced them much so you can click on them to see the details. (The quotes are from each quilt's label, written by the quilter.)

'Dancing with the Nursery Rhyme Stars' By Sheila Ujdur. Won 2nd place in the Silver Section. "From the Cliff Richard song 'Dancing Shoes' from the movie 'Summer Holiday'. Not all nursery rhymes end in tears."

'Jack Climbing the Bean Stalk' By Leeann Hansen (Me!)

'Forgiveness' by Elizabeth Percy. "Inspired by the modern Fairy Tale 'Button Thief' by Latasha Randall."

'Pussy Cat, Pussy Cat' by Lynda Parker. "The cat fancies the Queen's jewelry rather than the little mouse under her chair."

'The Little Mermaid, My Birthday' by Bernice Spear.

"I Had a Little Nut Tree' by Tess Harris. "Decided this was a simple applique theme and 'birds in the air'."

'On Saturday Night' by Elaine Healey

'Mary Mary Quite Contrary' by Carmel Spray. "From my daughters favorite nursery rhyme book."

'Pussy Cat, Pussy Cat' by Carol Mayes "I have always loved this nursery rhyme." First time Exhibitor

'The old Woman Who Lived in a Shoe' by Rose Silvester. "My daughter Demeta got me into quilting with the help of Bramble Cottage (local patchwork shop) & Alison. I'm addicted." First time Exhibitor

'Hickory Dickory Dock, the mice ran up the clock.' by Marilyn Galley Lees. Won 1st place Gold Section. "My own amendment & interpretation of the first and best known verse of this rhyme."

'The Pied Piper of Hamelin' By Shirley Julian. Won 2nd place Gold Section. "This was created from my own drawings. My inspiration came from a very small embroidery and my love of the poem as a child."

'The Little Mermaid' by Jules Smith. Won 1st place Silver Section

'Once I saw a little Bird' by Lynne O'Donnell. "Taken from a photo of my 2yr old grand daughter Stella & Tui the dog."


  1. Just lovely...what talents!!

  2. Hello Quilt Whangarei! Loved your exhibition. Kerikeri Patchworkers and Quilters Club are just getting a blog going:
    Mind if I put a link to your blog on our one?

  3. These quilts are incredible, and I loe the fairy tale theme!

  4. Hi ms lottie, yes thats fine, link away! Good Luck with your new blog, I added myself as a follower.

  5. Gorgeous. I love the little child and the dog.. cute bare bottom.. pricelss!


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