Saturday, April 3, 2010

Raffle Quilt

Today Fiona and I started putting together one of the raffle quilts, for our club's quilt show. Is cream on cream, with brown and blue. I can't remember the block name, but this is what the blocks looked like on my lounge floor. It was so sunny I had to pull the curtains to take this photo. Then it was too hot so I opened the large sliding door behind the curtains, big mistake, half the blocks were blown out of place by a gust of wind!

So we started again, as anyone who has done a scrap quilt like this knows, it takes a while to make sure the same fabrics are not touching each other, and then to try and balance the colours over the quilt. Oscar came to help, I think he wants to move these blocks to a different place? 

No, he was just checking the feel of it before he sat down! I think he likes it. Later in the day he wasn't so happy as he didn't get his tea until we had sewn most of the blocks together. Fiona left to get takeaways for her family's dinner, and my husband made ours! 


  1. Oh dear! Don't all quilters and cat lovers have these we problems?Nice looking quilt.

  2. GREAT Choice for a raffle Quilt!
    I can relate to the cat on the quilt, I always say if the cat sits on a quilt it will be a GREAT QUILT.

  3. OMG I thought it was just my cat that does this. Every time I get a quilt out he has to roll on it or curl up and go to sleep. He loves quilts. cheers KA
    EQ7 entry please

  4. Last of my comments tonight - did not want you to think I was leaving them just for EQ7 entries (which I did when I started browsing but then I got lost in all your great photos) -but these quilts are wonderful!!! Especially this one - so simple and yet so striking -and scrappy to boot! Love it! EQ7

  5. I think your block is called Indian hatchet. I love the fabric selection. EQ7

  6. Yes, I also have this problem with a very nosey cat named Milo. EQ7

  7. Thats a big quilt, Oscar want to help in case that gust of wind comes again!EQ7


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