Sunday, April 11, 2010

More from Creative Fibre

A couple of shots of the merchants at the Festival. There were wool, alpaca, silk & possum fibres. Patterns for knitting, garments for sale from silk scarves, to jerseys, baby socks & everything else in between. Dyes for wool, silk & cottons, beads, books and much more!

The silk scarves above were part of the display by Guest Exhibitor Agnes Hauptli. I spoke to Agnes about them, and she said that some of the complex weaving designs can take up to 14 hours just to set the loom up, before she starts to weave. They are extremely beautiful.

Jersey, skirt and hat by Elaine MacGregor of Napier entitled 'Winter Rose' hand knitted, hand felted merino.

'Fleur' by Raewyn Penrose of Waikato, Tunic, hand felted merino.

This and the next picture were entries in a challenge to do a self portrait. I can't find the artists names in my catalogue! So I will have to update later, if they put details on their website.


  1. Just love that Red Poncho/Shawl... I love the deep red color....
    Hugs Dawn x x EQ7

  2. Self portraits are very imaginative. Sorrry, that is definetely not me!!


  3. Wow, those silk scarves are lovely. What talented crafts persons. EQ7

  4. Beautiful photos, how do you get them so clear? I love the red poncho EQ7


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