Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Hibiscus Quilt

I thought I would share this quilt from my work. It hangs as a curtain in the school library, behind my desk. It was made by children in the school several years ago. Each child stitched a flower by hand. The stitches are large and mostly done with contrasting thread.


The mother who co-ordinated this quilt, wrote each child's name on their blocks, then hand pieced the blocks and sashing together, and backed with calico. Unfortunately the quilt has no label, and teachers come and go, so no one can remember who she was, and when exactly it was made. 

The children at school say to me they like the way the light shines though it. Makes it seem like stained glass.

It just goes to show what children can achieve with a little guidance. Remember there is a Childrens Section at our Quilt Show in July. So if you have school age kids in your family encourage them to enter.


  1. I love that Hibiscus quilt. How pretty. And what a wonderful tribute from the children. Thanks for sharing this!

  2. Amazing quilt and what a great reminder of what a child can accomplish with some encouragement... congrats to the mum who started it...
    Hugs Dawn x x xEQ7

  3. How wonderful to have such a treasure at your workplace. I agree it is a shame there is no documentation on the mother who put it together. EQ7

  4. So glad children are encouraged to quilt, I had'nt heard a thing about quilting until a few years ago when I saw a banner on the road side advertising a quilt show in the school hall -I went along, was awestruck and signed up for my fist lesson EQ7


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