Saturday, April 10, 2010

Club Meeting April 2010

Here's a few pictures taken at todays meeting at Hurupaki School.

Robin Halverson demonstrated Discharge Dyeing, using bleach on  stamps, and painting freehand. It was interesting to see what colour the bleach revealed under the black dye. A lot of black fabric starts life another colour, and is  overdyed black. The fabric Robin was using today, dicharged to a pink, but she had other samples that were white and cream too.

Bargain hunters, looking through Joan Cook's stash. 

Irene's having a good time!    :-)


  1. Gee I wish I could have come to this and look through that stash.... bargains I bet.
    Hugs Dawn x x x EQ7

  2. Nothing like hanging out with kindred spirits. EQ7

  3. Goodness thats a huge stash, such fun! EQ7

  4. Looks like I missed out on a fun meeting EQ7


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