Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Opua Arts Studio and Gallery

Last weekend the hubby and I went to Paihia, while we were up that way a wanted to have a peek at the Opua Arts Studio and Gallery. I was lucky to find Charlotte at work when I popped in, and we had a lovely chat as she showed me around.

 Here is Charlotte with her work in progress. The fabrics are her own hand dyes and the moon is made with fabric stained by rust.

Zoomed out, showing the tidy work space. When I sew there is stuff everywhere, and scraps over the floor too.
I have just noticed that Charlotte is wearing the same colours she is working with!

These two photos where taken from the amazing upstairs space, where Charlotte plans to hold Stitch n Chat days, and Classes. It is truly a beautiful place.

Please use this link to visit Charlotte's blog The Slightly Mad Quilt Lady to read more about her Studio and Gallery, and see more of her amazing art work.

PS I forgot to take a photo outside so have captured this image from street view. The gallery is circled in red, the Car Ferry to Russell is just a few metres to the left.


  1. Thank you for sharing. Charlotte has a fabulous space to work from and the views are amazing!

  2. Thanks Leeann, it was lovely to see you both! And those photo directions are great, now everyone will know where I am.

  3. oh...must go and visit Paihia!


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