Friday, September 6, 2013

Scrap Split 9 Patches

I have actually been doing some sewing over the last couple of weeks. I had this shoe box full of 2 and a half inch squares that I cut last year when I was having a tidy up of my scraps. I decided to make Split 9 Patches with them and try and empty that box.
Anyway more cutting was needed as I wanted to use neutral fabrics on the other side of the blocks.

I was quite pleased when I had made a few and laid them out to see what they looked like.

So then I got carried away and made 144 of them.

Here all 144 laid out on my lounge floor. (No Oscar didn't play with them)
Not sure if I like this layout, so I tried some others.

Mmmm not really good....

But maybe diagonal lines like this, or the first version? Or something completely different?

I'll ponder this while I'm in Hamiltion this weekend. I'm catching up with my Son, and going to the Quilt and Craft Show with a friend, so I'll take some photos to share.

I have to stay in Te Awamutu on Saturday night as everything was booked out. The reason? The All Blacks are playing Argentina in Hamilton!


  1. Wonderful colors, bright and cheery quilt:)))

  2. Love your results. I think I like your first layout the best.

    I recently did a split 9 patch which you can see here:-

  3. Inspiring! I like the first one best.
    Hmmm I have a bunch of batik charm squares crying to be used..

  4. Lovely. I like the first one best too!

  5. Oh I LOVE the first arrangement!
    I wished I had know you were going to TeAwamutu, as my friend has a fabulous little shop there

  6. Awesome effort Leeann, getting all the blocks done. I haven't completed the cutting out of mine yet. Just to be different I quite like the second layout of your blocks as I like the lines plus the added extra of the off centre focus.
    Hope you had a lovely time at the Quilt and Craft Fair - I know I did.

  7. I like them all...but how about the diagonal lines with a square/diamond in the center?

  8. I love how you 'got carried away'! I have to say I like the first layout best, but I bet there are 144 ways to lay it out - have fun choosing!


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