Saturday, August 3, 2013

Some of the Award Winning Quilts

Well it's a while since Symposium now, but I'm still catching up with things like sleep, housework, going back to work etc. Slowly getting there, so I have some time to post some more photos.

I really liked the quilts that received awards this time. It's not always so, but even when I don't like award winners I can understand why they were chosen. 
So here's my  'funny, but true' story of the first time I was walking around the exhibition. 

I was grabbed by a total stranger (non-quilter) who said "Oh good you're a quilter, (she saw my symposium lanyard) you can explain!" and dragged down the aisle so I could tell to her why these quilts had won awards. 
She was very upset as the Best of Show was only small and not as impressive as "All the other big quilts" So I mumbled that it had beautiful workmanship and I liked it. I didn't have time to form a more complex answer! But later I was pleased to see 'superior workmanship' as one of the Judges reasons!

Best of Show
See the Judges note!

Close up
Detail- loved the gold triple stitch.
Detail- there were lots of beads, but it wasn't 'overdone' as I feel some beading can be.
I was then dragged around the corner to see the Best use of Colour Award. Because the lady was very unhappy about this choice. She pointed to all these other quilts she though were better. 
Anyway I said that "Judging was subjective, and colour especially so". But she was having none of that! So I said  "The quilter was very clever using an unusual fabric as the background fabric, and I thought it was beautiful."  

Best Use of Colour winner (but colours aren't right in photo)  :-(

The background fabric appears 'yellow' but was more green as ---->

Lucky after that I was left alone by this lady and could look around in piece :)

The Miniature Quilt winner was amazing, and it was good to just enjoy it, without having to justify it's win to anyone. Does this being grabbed by strangers at quilt shows happen to anyone else? It has happened to me more than once, which makes me wonder what people see in my face (the husband has suggested a few ideas, all not very flattering!)  



No I'm not touching it but wanted my knobbly fingers in the photo so you could appreciate how small the hexagons are.
Just as I was nearly ready to leave I recognised Jenny from Romany Quilting so had to say Hi and get a photo. (Gee the lack of sleep really shows on my face!) It was lovely to meet Jenny in person as I have followed her blog for a long time. 
I also meet Ali of the Quilting Orchardist on another day but forgot to get a photo, but Hi Ali.
When I was wondering if it was Jenny before I said hello,
I decided it must be as her as she was wearing her favourite colour blue.


  1. That Turkish Plate quilt IS amazing...the work that has gone into it is incredible! I love the Mini Flower Garden quilt too...I don't think I'd have the patience for something that small!

    Sorry you get dragged around at shows by complainers. I haven't ever had that happen to me but then I've only been to one show! I think it's because you have a confidence and knowingness that draws people to you {{hugs}}

  2. "Hi," back - it was lovely meeting you too!( would have known you anywhere )
    That sort of thing happens to me more often in the Supermarket when people ask me," How do you cook those? ( yams ). "Where do I find such snd such?." "Can you reach that for me please," etc etc.
    I think the quilt judge doubters are usually looking alone and just need someone to tell they do not agree.
    ( You could always ask them if they know what the judging criteria are? )

  3. Such superb work, congratulations to those ladies and all others who got their quilts to the show. I sew in awe of their skilss :-)


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