Friday, October 5, 2012

Sparkle Punch

Innocent looking Cat
Yesterday I decided to get out my Sparkle Punch blocks out and decide where all the stars would go.
The last time I tried to do this Oscar was a bit too helpful (I know he looks innocent here) but he was NOT! Also my knees were sore. In a silly moment I did some Gangnam Style dancing, and I'd not recommend the 'horsey bit' as it is especially hard on the knees! Anyway....

Temporary design wall
So to save my knees I thought I would make a temporary design wall by pegging some batting to my lounge curtains. Can you see my laptop on the couch?
Bonnie on Quilt Cam
As I was laying out blocks I was watching Bonnie Hunter's live stream. She does these every few days, sits and sews in her studio. As it is live she stops and answers questions from her blog comments. It's fun to watch, makes you feel like you are having a sewing day with a friend.

I had to start using pins to keep the blocks attached. If the batting had been against a hard surface I wouldn't have had to use them, but as the batting was on the curtains I needed pins. Annoying but better than crawling around on the floor!

Happy with this layout

I didn't want half or quarter stars around the edges, so cut extra grey squares to complete the quilt top.

Left over scraps.
I needed 60 grey squares to complete the top. I had just enough fabric left to cut them. LUCKY!


  1. Woohoo....glad you had enough fabric, it is a pain when you run out! Glad you furry friend wasn't too helpful.You did well to catch one of Bonnie's live stream, I have managed only once.

  2. This quilt is looking amazing. I can't wait to see it finished. Good job that you had just enough fabric.
    I love your ingenuity with using the lounge curtains as your temporary design wall.
    Isn't it great catching one of Bonnie's quiltcam sessions, it is quite incredible that we can be sewing here in New Zealand and see someone on the other side of the world sewing at their place. Unfortunately I have only caught a couple, but hope to catch a few more.

  3. It's looking great!! Phew with the grey fabric! You'll be itching to get this all sewn together!

  4. That's looking fabulous. Really, really love it. In fact it might have to go on my 'to make one day' list.


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