Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Retreat at St Francis

A small group from club had a great weekend at Saint Francis Retreat Centre in Auckland.
A lot of sewing, laughing, and eating (without having to cook!) was done. Here's a few photos from the weekend.
Donna stopped sewing long enough for this photo to be taken. She is making an Orca Bay Quilt. 

Fiona & Me
It was really nice not having to cook all weekend. A bell was rung at mealtimes and all we had to do was walk to the dinning room and eat. And it was really nice food too.

I think this is Dinner on Saturday Night. It was so great to not have to cook . 
The dessert was to die for but  we couldn't get the recipe out of the Cook :-( 

Lunch on Sunday (Jane's being Mum) the scones were really good.

Sandy completed the sewing of her 'Star' and was auditioning this black/grey fabric for the background.

And Fiona made lots of blocks to go with her 'horses' for a lap quilt.

The Retreat Centre from the outside. 
The lucky few
We all want to go again, so are thinking about the end of November. So if you missed out this time, join us then.


  1. Looks like fun!! Good for you, always nice to have to cook, or think about WHAT to cook!
    I like Sandy's star quilt, very affective!

  2. oh to attend your retreat would be divine - would have to update my passport, though. And how to get my machine in my suitcase?? :-( sadly I think it is not going to be possible... Love that red star!

  3. Fabulous fun... pleased you managed to fit in some sewing too!


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