Thursday, March 29, 2012

Design Floor

This is my 'Design Floor' where I place out block's to see if they are coming together as I hope. I'd love a design wall instead but make do with the floor. Oscar the Cat is very good and doesn't 'play' with my blocks, but he sometimes sits on them. There he is slinky outside to the deck this morning.
I put these blocks on the floor late last night, and when I got up this morning I laughed as my Husband is learning. What I mean by this is he only opened the door a little bit for Oscar.

The last time I used the design floor I spent hours moving blocks about till I was happy, then I went outside to get the washing in. Well while I was doing that Hubby came along and decided to open the door wide on a very windy day.....You can imagine what happened!

Lets just say I couldn't talk for a few minutes when I found about 200 squares of fabric blown all around the lounge. When I could talk it was through gritted teeth :-(
Hence Hubby is learning as the door is only opened a little! (also it's not windy today).

These blocks are my Sparkle Punch blocks I was working on during the retreat last weekend. The quilt was designed by Elizabeth Hartman of  Oh Fransson! Blog. She has a lot of interesting quilts on her blog so go and have a look.


  1. Oh Clever Husband! Your sparkle blocks look great - I have seen a few around lately and really like the way the stars overlap.

  2. My wife spreads blocks all over the living room floor, and then asks me how they look. I always agree that they look fine!

  3. Well at least your husband is learning, I carefully placed pieces for my Buggy Barn quilt in a box made to size.....and Brian hopped in the box and rolled!!!!!
    (Brian is our cat....not my husband!)

  4. Your blocks are looking good. I like the secondary pattern of pinwheels. You are lucky that the cat doesn't like to rearrange your blocks.

  5. I know it isn't funny but I couldn't resist a good chuckle anyway. :-)

    Pretty blocks!


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