Wednesday, March 21, 2012

I should be cutting fabric…

…for the retreat this weekend, but instead I have been reading!
Yes reading is my other love, and I usually get my books from the Library.
(This is so I have more shelf space for fabric Winking smile)

The first book I’ve been reading Is Jennifer Chiaverini’s latest novel ‘Sonoma Rose’. This is set in the era of Prohibition in America. I did enjoy this but am I the only one who gets annoyed when so much of a book is going over ground we have already covered in previous books? I would estimate that a third of this novel is going over back stories you would already know if you have read the previous books. I know there is a trend to make each book ‘read alone-able’ but this can get annoying if you have read the others!
Anyway I would still recommend this series, they are a quick easy read. I read somewhere the other day that Jennifer Chiaverini is contracted for another three ‘Elm Creek’ books, so I wonder if she will take a break then or come up with another series altogether?
The next book is one of many too, ‘The Scottish Prisoner’ by Diana Gabaldon. I’m just under half way through it and really enjoying it. I’m glad to say it doesn’t rehash all previous books Smile. If you have never read any of Diana Gabaldon’s novels I’d definitely start at the beginning with ‘Cross Stitch’ or ‘Outlander’ (same book different names in different countries).

And in other book news we had some VIP’s at school today so I got them to autograph some of the library books.
All Blacks- Israel Dagg, Zac Guilford & Jerome Kaino with the books they autographed for me.


  1. I agree about the going over previous books in the latest - it can be very annoying and frustrating and leads to skip reading. Good if it's awhile since you read the previous book I guess!! Glad you are enjoying The Scottish Prisoner.

  2. Did you manage to get kiss and cuddles too? Photographic evidence???


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