Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Jacqui Karl Layered Leaves Workshop

Jacqui Karl's class last weekend was a great success. I was an 'Angel' on the second day of the class, and all the ladies taking the class were buzzing.

Jacqui is a great tutor and everyone learnt new techniques and had a great time. I'm sure we will have Jacqui to tutor again, hopefully she can stay longer next time.

I'm pleased to say she remembered me from years ago when I used to live in the Hawkes Bay, and she worked at the Cloth Shop. (I must have been the annoying customer that stayed in her mind!) or maybe it was 'cause I liked a natter when I was at the shop.  :-)

Anyway check out her lovely class samples, below
This is one of Jacqui's samples
close up detail
Another of Jacqui's samples (this has two types of 3D leaves and berries too)

close up detail- I love the 3D leaves and bead work.
Everyone was really hard at work, but enjoying themselves. They got a lot done in class so we may even see some finished for Club day on Saturday.
everyone with their heads down working hard.
layering the organza to make the fabric for the flowers.

this was kind of like doing a jigsaw or tetris.

sealing/cutting out the flowers with a soldering iron. 
(the organza is fused to other side of the black felt)
Here's a few photos of the work around the class, I can't remember who's is whose, but you can see there was a lot of great work. I look forward to seeing all the wall hangings as they come to club for show n tell.





  1. These are beautiful!! Looks like lots of interesting fun. The students did well - there are some great results showing.


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