Sunday, August 28, 2011

Parua Bay

Yesterday we had a ‘Sunday Drive’ on a Saturday, and ended up at Parua Bay Tavern for a late lunch.
It was such a beautiful day we ate outside, overlooking the water and watching boats slowly coming and going.
The Tavern was quite busy and had a lot of day trippers popping in for lunch.
I thought the water had a 'painterly' look to it as it was calm with only a few ripples
The Jetty at Parua Bay Tavern, taken from our table.
The Coast Guard going out to cruise around the boats.  (Also taken from our picnic table)

Now for a puzzle. When I took photos off my Husbands camera, there was this shot. 
What do you think it is?
Cotton wool, batting, snow?

No it is looking out the plane window, on Husband's recent flight to Wellington.
He said it was very cloudy, now I believe him!
 He took this photo especially for me because he thought it looked like quilt batting :-) 

Sun rising over the clouds
Here you can see the Sun coming up.
He always takes photos from the plane and they usually come out quite good.

Hope you're all enjoying the weekend too, 


  1. Beautiful photos - hasn't it been a gorgeous weekend :-)

  2. Wow...amazing photos Leeann! Hasn't it been a stunning weekend :-) I spent the day yesterday in the garden..of course I feel like an old lady today LOL!


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