Thursday, December 16, 2010

Free Quilting Shows to View

UPDATE I have had a comment that the programme wouldn't play. You do need broadband, but there's another tip I forgot to put in this post. If you are having trouble and it won't load or is jumpy, make sure the button on the far right of the task bar reads faster internet speeds NOT slower internet speeds. I have a screen shot below and I have Circled the button in red. It's come up small on the blog so if you can't see it then click on it to make it bigger! Hope this helps. Good Luck.

PS I can't get the Linda Taylor programme to work at all, but I think that's a problem at their end as the others work fine.

The Quilt Show has several shows running for free at the moment. These are like TV shows and are about 45 minutes long. They are extremely good, and have heaps of tips, and demo's of different techniques by some of the worlds leading quilters. I'm sure you will enjoy them, that's why I'm recommending them!  

The free shows are episodes with:-

Philippa Naylor (Showstopping Trapunto)

Ami Simms (The Alzheimer’s Art Quilt Initiative)

 Rosalie Dace/Jennifer Chiaverini/Michael Cummings (Where Imagination and Reality Meet).

Use this link (The Quilt Show) to get there, and click on the free shows tab. All the shows are good , but I especially enjoyed the show with Jennifer Chiaverini (author of the Elm Creek Novels). To watch this last show you may have to become a member. But it's easy and free, just an email address & password. Leave a comment telling me which show you liked best.  :-)


  1. Even on broadband it takes forever for their shows to load. Too bad, they are probably great. Good for you for spreading the word on freebie December.

    all the best of the season and thanks for stopping by my blog,


  2. Hi Sharyn I have updated the post with an idea that may help you. I hope it does as the shows are really great. Let me know if you get them working for you.PS I can't get the Linda Taylor show to work at all. I think there's a problem with that one but the others work fine for me

    1. NZ - i have clear pictures and great sound thanks for heads up


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