Monday, July 5, 2010

Quilting Weekend at Teal Bay

Just back from a wonderful weekend away, with some of my quilty friends. We stayed at this great Bach (New Zealand word for holiday home), at Teal Bay about an hours drive north. 

First we unpacked all our extra sewing tables etc, then went for a walk on the beach.

It's winter here so the water was too cold for swimming, but it was a lovely sunny day. 

Then it was back to the Bach for some 'serious' uninterrupted sewing time.

Uninterrupted that was except for eating chocolate, drinking tea and coffee (and wine of course!) We did have healthy food too, I took a picture to prove it! As usual we were spoilt for choice and all ate too much, because it was all too yummy. Some highlights were Jocelyn's Chicken Casserole, Lynda's Bolognese and Fiona's 'Everything' Soup. 


  1. You have a wunderful weekend , so I se on the picture's .

  2. We sure did have a fantastic weekend! It was over all too soon but was a most productive time both with sewing and spending time with friends. I think we will go there again just as soon as we can organise another trip.

  3. What a wonderful weekend I hope you'll share what you all produced too.

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