Sunday, July 11, 2010

July Meeting 2010

Hi, I didn't make it to the July meeting. Stayed at home and kept my winter bugs to myself. Lucky for you I talked Lynne W into taking some photos for you all to see. Thanks Lynne.

Relda was surprised with a little party for her 90th Birthday!

I wonder what you wished for when you blew out the candles Relda?


Show n Tell

There was only a little show and tell, as yesterday was the hand in day for quilts to be exhibited at the quilt show. Unfortunately a couple of the photos were blurry, so I'll just have to tell you about them. Jacqui Howarth made a lovely quilt (you can see it behind Relda in the first photo, it's made with brown strips) and some oven gloves made by Marie Finnegan. Ok on to the photos that did come out.

This hand bag was knitted by Marie Finnegan, it was made at a 2 day course at Bernina

'Golden Gate - San Francisco ' made by Terri Mills, it's her first quilt! She got the idea from 'Quilt Your Photos' by Betty Alofs.

The next group of photos are the results of a 'Trip Around the World' monthy challenge. Each month the participants where told which Country they were 'visiting' and given fabric and embellishments to use in their blocks. From the same supplies the quilts are very diverse!


Next is a peek at the quilts that will be on display at our quilt show.

Mmm can't see much, they're all packaged up for delivery to the show venue! You'll have to come and see them hanging at the show, only 12 days to go!

Lastly I'd like to thank Lynne W again for taking the photo's, she did a great job.


  1. Love those around the world quilts. Hope your germs are gone soon, keep warm (it's 32C here!!)

  2. The Golden Gate from Terri Mills er beautiful.I like it most.

  3. Oh Liz I am jealous but it is winter here! Is about 15C so not really cold but is when you are sick. I was going to go to Dr's today but woke up feeling heaps better.


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