Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Children's Section - Quilt Show 2010

We had a Children's Section in the Quilt Show, to encourage the next generation of quilters. Any child that was related to a club member could enter. All the entries went into a lucky draw to win a sewing machine, and every child that entered received a gift of sewing supplies. 

 The lucky winner of the sewing machine was Kaitlyn. Nana, I think you can look forward to lots of sewing days with Kaitlyn! 

Here's all the entries, 


'Cat and the Flower' made by Kaitlyn 7 yrs. I am seven & did this stitchery. Nana sewed the binding for me. I had fun.

'B's' made by Emma 12 yrs, I love using sewing machines. Grandma helped with the hand sewing. Machine quilted by myself

'Maia's Quilt' made by Amie 14 yrs. Block of the month from Susan Claire. Made for my sister. Machine quilted by myself

'Jandels' made by Emma 12 yrs & Sarah 10 yrs. We made this based on a pattern but added some extras. Machine quilted

'Jessica's Quilt' made by Jess 10 yrs. Fabric from Calico Xmas. I got to use Mum's new machine to put them together. Mum helped with the borders and quilting. The lime green goes great with the purple paint on my bedroom walls.

'Kool Kats' made by Sarah 10 yrs- I don't like hand sewing so Grandma helped with that. I can now use a rotary cutter.

'Windmill's on the Water' made by Nick 13 yrs. I designed and made the top when I was 10. I quilted it on Mum's machine this year. Mum sewed on the binding.

'School Book Bag' made by Ella 10yrs. I chose the fabric, sewed the body of the bag & liner, & my name. Nana put it together.

 'My First Quilt' made by Sarah 10 yrs. My first quilt to learn how to machine sew. Grandma cut the fabric.


  1. Wonderful idea to include the kids! Thanks for sharing the pictures, all of the projects were great!

  2. The kids quilts with mostly Grandma's help (it seems) are wonderful. It's great to see the next generation of quilters.

  3. Hi Leeann
    I've just discovered your site today and I'm just loving it - especially as it's a kiwi blog!
    I'm just starting on my quilting journey at this late stage in life so it's all new to me.
    The childrens quilts are wonderful!
    I found "Tui" in another of your posts and that blew me away!
    WOW - I see there's more to quilting than just pretty fabrics.
    Thank you for sharing.


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