Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Quilting on Youtube

I watched this video on Youtube the other day about a quick way to unpick. It is kind of cool so I thought I'd share it here. Then I was thinking about all the fun stuff that Youtube has about quilting so I thought I'd share some stuff I look at.

Here's the cool fast way of unpicking

I love the Missouri Star's quilt video's there are so many and all very easy to follow.
This is making a Zipper Pouch, but most are quick techniques to make quilts using pre-cuts.

If you need a refresher in how to do some type of quilting, search Youtube there will be plenty of videos for you to watch and learn. Here's a good one on Big Stitch Quilting.

Anyway if you haven't thought about using Youtube to look up quilting stuff, have a go, you will be surprised at the amount content there is.

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  1. Sarah Fielkes video is very good, thanks for sharing Leeann. I have seen the unpicker video too and have used it more effectively since watching it using the little ball.


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