Tuesday, November 4, 2014

A Retreat for Two

I had a lovely weekend away in Tauranga sewing with Donna. A lot of progress was made, heaps of talking (of course!) and yummy  food was consumed.
Thanks Donna (and family) for the great weekend.
Here’s Donna, sorry photo is a bit blurry. We set up the sewezi tables in the dining room and had fun. Yes that is a chocolate muffin on my table!
I sewed more blocks for my Scrappy Trip Around the world quilt.

Donna worked on her Easy Street quilt blocks.
We both finished all our blocks, Donna’s above, mine below.
Now there is a race on to see who sews their top together first.
IMG_20141101_180246 (1)
While putting these photos on the blog I realized that I hadn’t shown Sandy’s finished quilt that she started at the St Francis Retreat.
The front of the ‘Dimensions’ quilt (with Sandy peeking out over the top Smile).

And the back. I really like the back and think it makes this quilt truly reversible.
I have a lot of left overs from making my Scrappy Trips so I might have a go making them into a backing.

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  1. Thanks for making the weekend so much fun Leeann. The place did seem really empty when you had gone. There is nothing quite like having stitching time with special friends.
    I have quite a few leftovers too, so might put some of the units into part of the backing for Easy Street. I love the idea of the quilts being reversible and the back sides being as pretty as the front sides.


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