Friday, June 28, 2013

Taupo Quilt Symposium Preparation’s….

Yesterday I bought my first ever pair of PJs, for the cold nights in Taupo. I wore them last night to test them and I had to strip off as they were so hot!

My husband thinks I’m nuts going to Taupo in winter, but I won’t be alone there will be another couple of thousand quilt nuts like me there. Are you going to the Taupo Quilt Symposium too? How are your preparation’s going?
My choice was between flowers or cats so the cats won!


  1. As an ex Taupo gal, you will probably feel the cold as it is chillier down there, but you will be warmed by the fun & excitement! And those jammies will do the trick!

  2. Oh good point. I'm sharing a house so some less-raggedy-than-usual sleepwear should probably go on the shopping list!

  3. You must be much more warm blooded than me then, because I live further north than you, and I have had warm woolie jamies the whole 20yrs I've lived in the north :0) I've even got some of those polar fleece onesies... it's just you get cold going to the toilet!

  4. I have just realised its just over 2 weeks away need to get the class list out and get myself sorted

  5. Yes, quite well organised. I have a long red woollen dressing gown that I can leave on in bed if it's that cold. Lots of layers needed I think as it will be both very cold and heated in places. See you there!

  6. I too am getting organised, however I purchased thermals. Bring it on!

  7. my goodness where do you people live that you need all these warm clothes ? i wear a thin sleeveless nightdress all year round. One wool blanket on bed and one quilt, no heating in bedroom.I live on west coast sth island, hope you all enjoy your selves

  8. Pat I'd email you back but you are a no-reply blogger ie: you have not filled in your email address on your blogger ID so no one can reply to you personally.
    Wear do we live? Northland (the Winterless North) so the cold nights in Taupo will be a shock to us Northland girls. :-)


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