Wednesday, June 12, 2013

June Show n Tell (Thanks to Sonya)

When I checked my email today I found a couple from Sonya with photos of last Saturdays Show n Tell. So Cinderella you can go to the ball. So you can enjoy Show n Tell after all :-)

I hadn't asked anyone to take photo's for me, so I was pleasantly surprised to find them. Thanks Sonya I appreciate the time and effort involved, getting the photos to me.


These two Rail Fence quilt tops are charity quilts that were started a couple of weeks ago at a club working day. Both have turned out wonderful and I look forward to seeing them next club today (hopefully quilted)


Helen Barron made this charity quilt with the help of some friends at a weekend retreat.

 It will soon be with the little girl it was made for (just the binding to finish)


Shattered Nine Patch by Jacqui Howarth 

(opps to much sunshine, obviously to was a lovely sunny day!)


Pauline Schon made this stack n whack quilt in a recent class with Janet Greeks


Maureen Gray made this lovely cat quilt for a little girl called Kay Leigh


'Life is Beautiful' a lovely stitchery quilt made by Maria New. 


Lynda Parker made this for her daughter and son in law to celebrate their 1st wedding anniversary 


Kaye O'Hagan made this for Jack her 19th grandchild!


Mystery quilt from the Ngunguru group made by Tess Harris


'Free Range' made by Lynda Parker


Made by Jenny Gough (inspired by a painting, I think!)


Carmel Spray made this to use up some scraps, and is donating to Starship


Gaye Miller and Jess Fraser made these from a lino cut, and freemotion quilting. 

w25 (2)

And last but not least a quilt made by Elaine Healey for Starship Childrens Hospital 

Thanks again to Sonya for taking the time to take photos last Saturday.


  1. Thanks Sonya and Leanne for sharing , I love the cats and the chickens

  2. Thanks Sonya. Always nice to look at other people's quilts. Like the rail fence quilts - so simple but always effective.

  3. Ain't that chicken quilt a hoot! Wonder if it is a pattern?

  4. Lots of lovely work there. Thanks. I really like jenny Gough's Modern wall hanging and the sturdy legs on the free range chooks made me laugh _ I bet those chickens lay really good eggs!

  5. Wow, Jenny really did a fabulous job on that one! What a feat! I'm still trying to figure out how she put all that together.
    Hadda say, about your last post with the 185 chairs...So moving...An amazing installation, thanks for sharing that.


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