Sunday, May 5, 2013

I've Finally Quilted My 'Sparkle Punch' Quilt

I have had this top pinned with batting for weeks now, and finally decided to quilt it last Wednesday.
I quilted it with wavy lines, because I thought it would be easier than quilting it with straight lines.

Oscar had to get into the photo shoot too!
He must like this quilt because he has been supervising me with it this week.

Close up of my wavy lines.
I think I should have gone more wavy now that it's done. It really looks like I was doing straight lines and have had a few wines!
Next time I do 'wavy' I need to do them bigger so you can tell they are on purpose.

There are a lot of spots in this quilt, in the stars, the backing (purple on the right) and binding too.
Before I started sewing the binding on I had a tea break, and then laughed at how my 'Hundreds and Thousands' biscuit matched my quilt.

Here's another photo of Oscar, he was sleeping under my Sewezi table, using my Bernina foot pedal as a pillow! I think this confirms him as a quilting cat don't you?


  1. Lovely 100's and 1000's to match the quilt, wavy lines suit it so well. Cheers from Jean

  2. Oscar sure is a quilting cat! Cute backing, it matches your biscuit well.

  3. I think a sparkle punch quilt is in my future. And I don't think your lines look like whoopsy straight ones, wait until you've washed it and it goes all soft and snuggly.

  4. Oscar is just too cute, and of course he is a quilting cat!


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