Saturday, May 11, 2013

Finishes & Testing

I've finished Sparkle Punch and will take to show and tell today. But I thought I'd show you it's binding now. This is the first time I have completely machine stitched a binding. It's not perfect but I'm quite pleased with it.
It was soooo much quicker!
Machine stitched binding. 

I've also done some other sewing, feeling inspired by the Great British Bee, I decided to make myself a skirt. I've sewn clothes before so that's not too much of a leap for me. But what has got me really excited was I worked out how to do a rolled hem on my overlocker! 

Rolled hem on skirt 
And the testing in the title? I'm using my phone to post this too see how it works. Hopefully it looks OK 


  1. Binding looks great,I haven't been brave enough ton try yet, and a rolled hem is a lovely finish if the hemline is a swirly one, Cheers from Jean

  2. Your post looks fine and your machine binding looks pretty fine too. I love machine binding when I want something fast, and now I've practiced it lots, it turns out really neat and tidy, yay!

  3. Woohoo! Go you on both projects!

  4. Hey, the binding looks great! I do most of mine by machine lately and am all good with how quick it is. Glue stick is how to make it really easy and come out perfect.
    I watched all the episodes of the GB sewing show (once you pointed it out!) and know what you mean about sewing some clothes now, too lol. Gawd. Like I need another project! That hem looks so good though! I may bust out the serger here in a few weeks. (summer, summer)

  5. Wahoo to you on all of your finished projects. The posting of your blog from your phone worked well too.


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