Monday, August 20, 2012

Finishes, Birthdays and More

I finished my blue/yellow 'Made in Cherry' quilt. If you came to our recent Quilt Show you may have seen me machine quilting it, and trying to explain what I was doing to non-quilters.
Working on the demo table is always a fun thing to do at the Quilt Show, it's really fun answering questions from interested people.
The most asked question was 'Is that design programmed in your sewing machine?' So then I had to explain about free-motion quilting. :-)


I didn't have any blue pegs Sonya, so I used yellow instead!

             120    122
I'm happy with my quilting, it's nowhere near perfect by any means, but I feel like I getting better!


So now I'm going to start on my other Made in Cherry quilt. I pin basted it using this closing tool I bought from Carol Mahoney (merchant at our last club meeting). It really saved my fingers from getting scratched and sore.


In other news I bought some stickers to bling my Janome. 

Why don't sewing machines come in different colours like cars? Wouldn't that be fun when buying a new machine saying "I'll have that one, but in red please."

007   016

My youngest Brad turned 18 a couple of weeks ago, we talked him into coming with us (Mum & Dad) to Auckland for the weekend. Parents of teens will understand about him not being keen to go away with his Parents! But he actually enjoyed the trip :-) . Here he is in the Sky Tower.

The other birthday was the Sky Tower, it turned 15 on the weekend.
The last time we had been up the Sky Tower Brad was about seven years old, and he couldn't remember it at all, so I'm glad we went again.


Sky Tower Auckland, New Zealand

Here's some photos I took from the Sky Tower.


Rangitoto Island  in the distance. (it's a dormant volcano) 


Mount Eden another old volcano in the background


CBD as the lights are coming on.


The Auckland Habour Bridge (top right)


  1. Your quilting looks terrific. Did you do the same pattern allover - or different ones in the background and the star? My Made in Cherry quilt is lying waiting for quilting inspiration to happen. I am often surprised how many quilters ask whether patterns are programmed into the machine, or "do you have a special machine to do that?".

  2. hey your quilt turned out great & yes the quilting is fabulous!
    I get what you mean about teenagers!~
    Cool photo's of Auckland, I must go up the Sky tower one of these days :-/

  3. Very cool quilting. I didn't even notice what quilt you were working on at the show. And yes - I've had the same question too. My kids still hold my hand when we're walking along, I think I'll be a little sad when they get too old for that and I can't imagine teenagehood yet!

  4. Your quilt looks stunning Leeann and you are too hard on yourself in terms of your quilting. Your quilting is amazing to me, maybe we are at different places in our journey!

  5. Your quilting is great. I love what you have done to your Janome.

  6. I love your Made in Cherry quilt! It is so pretty, and the quilting is fantastic!! I have a long way to go on my FMQ...
    ; )


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