Monday, July 9, 2012

Sander Ties

Ten Minutes down the road from Mum's is Otaki. Otaki is a little town that is split into three different communities. There is the 'Road/Highway' which is famous for big brand outlet stores. It's a very popular shopping destination. Then there is the 'Township' itself which has small local shops, supermarkets etc. And finally the Beach which of course is the beach! In the Township there is a factory & store that I have wanted to visit for a long time, Sander Ties.

Can you see my shadow taking this photo? It looks like Darth Vader is coming to get some new ties :-)

They have a big selection of Ties at Sanders, and also do a lot of Souvenir ties & make the All Blacks Ties.
I bought a tie as a gift (so I can't show you).

I was allowed to have a little nosey at the factory, there was so much to see!
Look at the piles of cut out fabric waiting to become ties.

I also bought a bag of 'scraps' from Sander's. I thought I had lost the bag, I have been known to throw supermarket bags away before, thinking they had rubbish in them :-( . Anyway after hunting everywhere I thought I could have put it when I came home and finding nothing, I looked in the boot of the car and there it was waiting for me! Yay!

Here's the bag, can you see the fabric peeping out the side?
Oh yeah that is me trying to quilt the biggest quilt ever on my domestic sewing machine (so it can go into the Quilt Show) in the background. More later if it ever gets done :-)

Closer shot of an uninteresting bag, with gold fabric peeping out....

But there is treasure inside. Lots of variety, many of them lovely silks. As I was buying scraps I thought they would be little bits, like 5 inch squares. But these scraps are bigger than fat quarter size.
No plans for them yet, before anyone asks! I need to finish so many things before I start new.


  1. Well 'Darth' did you have fun or what!
    There is a women ( you will know her, I just can't think of her name! )from up here that had several quilts made from ties. She had them in the last exhibition & Calico Xmas, maybe she got her ties from the same place as you?

  2. And most of hers are hand sewn I think (I can't remember her name either! but was pretty impressed by her quilts too).

  3. As a Hutt Vally-ite who often travels to Otaki, this must be a well kept secret as I certainly had never heard of Sander Ties. Well worth checking out, I think.

    I have used ties in a couple of memory quilts, but never made a whole quilt from ties. I like the idea of those fat quarter size pieces - can you give us some idea of the cost involved please?

  4. I can relate to not starting another project until I've finished the 20,000 I'm already doing LOL! What a cool little shop/factory and neat that you got to have a wee peek!


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