Sunday, July 1, 2012

Road Trip…

After 1664km (1034 miles) I'm home from my road trip to see my Mother, I thought I'd share a few photos from the trip.
On the way south I saw many army vehicles driving north in convoy, when I stopped in Turangi I noticed I wasn't the only one having a break.

On the Dessert Road (Central Plateau) I stopped to take a photo of Ruapehu with a dusting of snow. Ruapehu is an active volcano and also has really good ski slopes.

I stopped for a break in Taihape (gumboot capital of the world) and found this little quilt shop.

There were even quilts in the upstairs windows. It was so cold in Taihape though so I didn't stay too long!

Nearly at Levin I stopped at Foxton to have a quick look at the windmill.

It was really cold in Levin, because the Tararua mountain range was covered in snow.
This is taken from the main street of Levin.

And another photo of the snow covered Tararuas, from the railway crossing in the centre of Levins CBD.
Coming from the "Winterless North" as Northland is sometimes called it was a shock to the system, I wore my thermals everyday, and to bed too!

Here's a photo of Mum and I.
Mum had been in hospital for several weeks, and I wanted to help her readjust to being home and help to arrange extra care for her.
I think we are very similar, but Mum thinks we look nothing a like!

On the way home I decided to go a different way so I could catch up with a couple of friends in Dannevirke.
I had to go over the Saddle Road as the Manawatu Gorge Road was closed to north bound traffic.
So I stopped to take some photos of the wind farm from Ashurst.

I love the big windmills, they remind me of many happy years living down this way when my kids were little.
These last 3 photos were taken from the windmill lookout.

They are 70 metres high (76 yards) and each blade is 35 metres (38 yards).
And yes they do make a Wosh Wosh noise when spinning!

Here's a link if you'd like to read more about them. Te Apiti Wind Farm.


  1. a hug for mum and there is a POSITIVE resemblance

  2. Oh...exciting! I love going on road trips...thanks for sharing pics of your journey :0) I think you and your mum look similar, too. Interesting she doesn't think so....

    It looks fr-fr-fr-eezing with the Tararuas covered in snow...Brrr! I grew up in the Hutt Valley (Brown Owl, Upper Hutt) and remember those cold winters well!

  3. I think you look like your Mum.
    Don't we live in a wonderful country....I love our wee towns, they have their own personality.

  4. Pleased you got home safely, after your trip down to see your Mum.

    There is always lots to see in our beautiful country.

  5. I loved coming on this journey with you - memories of my four trips to NZ!

  6. Gorgeous photos Leeann - you had some lovely clear days while away. That's a long trip down there - it's lovely that you were able to go down and help out your mum. I will be interested to see what you do with your tie-goodies, when you have finished your other projects and are able to start something new!


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