Monday, February 13, 2012

Poor Oscar!

He’s wearing his ‘Cone of Shame’. Don’t worry he’s OK really it’s just that he had a little scab on his head that he had scratched the top off. I know from previous experience he will keep at it until it becomes so big he will need a staple or stitch….so cone of shame it is for a couple of days until it’s healed.

Here he is preparing to  have a sleep on his own quilt, an old flannel quilt I made back in the early 90’s. It started out as a quilt for my boys to cuddle under and watch cartoons, but now it belongs to Oscar. It is so well used there is no fluff left on the flannel, the binding edges are worn, but it is really soft and all his.

Do you pets have their own quilts? If not make them one they will love you for it.


  1. My tomcat Timmy thinks every quilt in our house belongs to him. :-)

  2. Poor Oscar -hope he heals well. My Maggie rules the bed - no matter what is on it - she used to have her own blanket but shuns it if it is not where SHE thinks it should be.

  3. Oscar looks very ticked off, but we must do these things for their own good.My son was the same when he was little, he picked and picked his sores.I didn't put a collar on him though.
    My cats just have whatever ones they want and claim them. I have just washed several today because of my wee furballs!

  4. My two cats Bruno and Harley do have thier own quilts, but will also claim any other quilt as theirs. But then they will also claim fabric that has not been made into a quilt yet. Whether it is a just-washed quilt, or newly purchased fabric, they can't wait to lay down a blanket of cat hair on it.

  5. Have you ever noticed that they will always gravitate towards black fabric/quilts?? Cat's always look so pathetic with the cone on - mine insisted on only walking backwards with it on, and kept getting wedged inbetween things.


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