Thursday, January 12, 2012

What I’m doing….


Still working on Orca Bay quilt. Deciding how I’m going to set it now. On the left is the way Bonnie has set hers, and on the right is the way I think I’m going to go with.

Can you see the difference? The star blocks positions are reversed. I like the one on the right because then you get large black stars forming too, and I feel that it is a little less busy. This is one busy quilt, not sure if I’m in love with it, but have decided to complete the top at least! Then it might have to ‘age’ in a cupboard somewhere Winking smile

Oh I have just seen that the group on the left has a mistake in it too. (bottom row centre red piece is upside down!)

The_Wedding_Quilt-250x379    TA_uk_hcs
I have been reading too. I have finished ‘The Wedding Quilt’ by Jennifer Chiaverini and really enjoyed it. It was a surprise whose wedding it was, when I started reading. But I won’t say anymore and spoil it for you.

Now I’m half way through Lee Child’s latest Jack Reacher novel ‘The Affair’. I love these books and have read them all. I remember telling my husband he would like them too. He resisted for a long time (usually he only reads non-fiction) but now he reads them all straight after me! I have to be careful not to say anything about the books until he is finished or he gets upset! Once I said Jack’s just got his leg over again! (does in all but one of the books, I think) But hubby was so upset I had let the cat out of the bag :-0

Oh and I got both these books from our Public Library. You can reserve books very easily on their website and then you get an email when they are ready to be picked up. I love using the Library, I get to read all the new books I want, without paying for them (more money for fabric) and not having to store them after reading (more storage space for fabric). Also if the Library doesn't have a book you would like to read you can ask them to buy it, and then you get to be the first person to issue it! If you live here in Whangarei check out the Library, they have heaps of new quilting books too.


I have done a wee bit of house worky stuff too. I went through the hall cupboard. Took everything out, threw out heaps and also took two large bags to the SPCA second hand shop. It is nice to be able to see everything now, without extras stuffed in and the door closed fast.

See my new Sign? This cupboard has sliding doors and a least once a day I would walk past and it would be open arrrrh. So I made a sign and so far it is working!


  1. Hi Leeann

    I decided not to do Orca Bay as I'm still doing Roll, roll, cotton boll. Not actually doing it at the moment, I think it's at a standstill.

    As for your books, I haven't read the Wedding Quilt but just today popped in to the public library to collect my reserved copy of the new Jack Reacher novel. He's my kind of hero, modest, unasuming, but deals to the bad guys.

  2. What a crack up ! I do wee signs like that too!
    I like your setting of Orca Bay too, I was a bit shy to say, but I think it is a very busy quilt too. I like what some others have done and put the string sets aside and put plain squares alternating with the Ohio stars. Two reasons I like that idea, 1st : nice quilting area, 2nd : that would eliminate the elasticy problem for me!
    I know...if you did that it wouldn't BE Orca Bay!

  3. I must just like busy quilts... I like both settings but agree that the one on the right has a certain something with the extra dark star echo. It is gorgeous - you can't leave it in a cupboard. If only people in my house would read signs :-)

  4. I do like it your way. It took me a minute to figure out why but it certainly attracted me right away. :-)


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