Thursday, June 16, 2011

Sun Rise and Milton

I thought I would share these photos I took just after sun rise the other day. The colours were glorious, not sure if it's because of volcanic ash (from Chile) or not, but I have been enjoying them anyway. 

from my deck over looking Whangarei 

from the kitchen window looking over the banana palms

As it was a 'red sky in the morning' day, I thought it might get stormy but it didn't.
OK I promised some photos of Milton in the last post, so here they are. Milton comes from Morrinsville, so it  is quite a drive up to Whangarei, but lucky for us he doesn't mind.

To bring all his batiks he has an enormous trailer.

You can see we had plenty of colours to pick from.

It was much easier packing up as there was only half the fabric to go back, the rest of the fabric is hiding in stashes around Northland now  :-)


  1. Beautiful photos, Leanne, just a shame that the ash is now causing chaos around the airports.

    Nice to see photos of Milton working hard, he occasionly comes down our way too. And to anyone traveling through Morrinsville, his shop is well worth a visit. I was there for ages last time, shall I have this, or this, or what about that? His prices are excellent too.

  2. Beautiful sunrise. And bautiful bright colors of fabric. And the lawn is BRIGHT GREEN. Fabulous! Here in cental Texas we're having a drought and 100 degree temperatures, so the green lawn is just gorgeous. Thank you!

  3. he's a gem that Milton always working hard. Love his fabric and his prices. I did resist at Symposium as I am running out of places for my fabric to live. Might need a bigger house

  4. Love the fabric, the challenge pics, and every quilter HIDING the new fabrics, we all need a secret cupboard with huge shelves. Cheers from Jean


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