Friday, May 20, 2011

Why I haven't been sewing lately...

Since I few people have been asking me what I've been sewing lately?
ie Why haven't I been posting quilty things on the blog?
I thought I'd show the other stuff I've been busy with. In my other life (work!)
The last few weeks have been taken up with dreaming, planning, ordering, taking down and putting up new shelves. So here's the 5 steps to a new look Library.

NB: I had help putting up the shelving from Jeannie* (National Library) & John* from
Keri Keri (both of them are camera shy). Jeannie is a new quilter too!

*Thanks heaps guys it wouldn't have happened without all your help!

1. You have to take books off the shelves! There were piles like this everywhere!
2.  Take old shelving down.
 (thats the old shelves leaning against the counter, see the empty wall they have came from)
More piles of books and the all the letters. 

I did have to leave a little room so I could use the computer when needed!

3. Next open Hundreds lots of boxes of new shelving.

4.  Assemble shelves. 

5. Add books!

New face out display for Junior Picture Books
Quick Reads. Love the bins that hold complete book sets.

Senior Fiction. Face out display is so more appealing than 'spine'.
 Now to make it quilty I grabbed out some quilt related books. Did you know there are a lot of pictures books with quilting/patchwork stories? They make great gifts to give kids, with the quilt you have made for them.

Still have some things to tweek in the Library, but as most of the work is done now, there might be some sewing in my future!

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  1. Oh how inviting this space looks!! I LOVE libraries - and have enjoyed introducing my son (6) to the joys of them. Wish we could visit this one!


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