Friday, April 15, 2011

Jar Quilts

A strange title for a quilt I know but I was talking to a friend Raewyn about 'Jar' quilts. You probably have seen one or two of them, they were a trend a few years ago. Remember Bugs in Jars, and Sewing Notions?

Well Raewyn was saying a food one would be good, and I said I have one in my kitchen.

To be honest it's been there so long I forget that it's there. There was the funny story of a friends husband who was visiting and had had a 'few'. He was trying to convince me to open up some of those preserves!

Anyway here is a photo for you and Raewyn to see what I mean.

I had to wrack my brain to think about when this was made (early '90s I think). I only made 2 blocks in it, the strawberry one and the raspberry one. The other blocks where made by others in a swap.

My friend Roz who started all this madness taught me to quilt, was one of the swappers and when the time came to make something with them she decided she didn't need another UFO, so gave them to me. Score!

I tried to make them look like they were on a shelf and even used wood grain fabric, shame I didn't look at a real shelf and see the grain lines don't go the way I made them! And you can see I thought just quilting in the ditch was enough. Anyway it still makes me smile, because it's cute and it reminds me of Roz.

Lets have a closer look.....

Isn't this centre block clever how the quilter stacked the two jars?  

And this 'onions in a jar' is my favourite. I love this onion fabric!

At the time I made up this wallhanging, decorative preserved fruit and vege jars like this one above, were all the rage. I thought I was so clever making my own fabric version!
Now you have seen this blast from my 90's past, just think yourself lucky I haven't kept the leg warmers I knitted in the 80's to show you!


  1. Cool quilt, just like how you described it.The onion one it neat, but my favourite is the 2 smaller jars on top of each other.

    So have you still got shoulder pads and blue eye shadow?

  2. Hey blue eye shadows making a come back!!!

  3. I suppose I am stuck in the past in some respects. I love the decorative jars of fruit and veg.

  4. Hey Leeann, thanks for sharing the picture of your really is stunning and quite unique. I'm looking differently at fruity fabrics now!! I love the stories behind it too, isn't that half the fun of it all?

  5. Oh my! You have legwarmers too? I'm glad mine are long gone. :-)

  6. Aaah! The memories.

    I have fabric for enough preserves to fill the pantry!

    And tidy up the sewing room by showing everything off in jars.

    Judy B


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