Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Everyone Loves a Wedding...

Not long now till the Royal Wedding of William & Kate on the 29th. I'll be watching, I'm not a royalist but I enjoy watching all the traditional stuff. I mean who doesn't like a wedding?
I can remember watching Diana and Charles getting married, and then a few years later Andrew and Sarah. I loved both gowns at the time, but preferred Sarah's. (I thought the big A for Andrew she had on the train was so cool). Luckily I had changed my mind about gowns by the time I got married!
Anyway here's a clip from Youtube, a bit of fun and it's got some 'Fibre' to it, enjoy!


  1. I just feel in the mood for knitting.....to go with my blue eyeshadow ans shoulder pads!
    What a crack up!!

  2. I'll be watching too! In fact. I will be having two English ladies, (quilters too) staying with us for the weekend, so I thought we would have a "Royal Wedding Party"on FRiday evening. DH has already been informed there will be no sport allowed on the telly that evening!

  3. For some reason people here like to pretend they're not interested in the wedding and some T-shirts that have been spotted amount to treason imho! In reality I think everyone will be lifted by this event and the wonderful love story of Catherine and HRH William, I'll be watching and am hoping for another stunning dress - I preferred Diana's to Sarah's just for the record and also have to grudgingly admit Camilla looked stunning!


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