Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Western Quilters Show

Last Sunday a group of us went down to Auckland to see Western Quilters Show. I took a few photos to share with you all. I haven't been able to put them on the blog till now as I was having a few problems with blogger uploading them! (other bloggers out there will understand that I'm sure!) Anyway hope you enjoy looking at them now.

'Snakeskin Bargello 1'

By Chris Thoreau

This large quilt was just inside the quilt show doors and is a real stunner. The colours really glowed, I'm not really a pink girl but really liked this. The border is an impressive & complicated Celtic design.



‘Oriental Retro’

By Rewa Douglas

Quilted by Jill Hawkins

I had to take a close up so you could see the mirco quilting! (Thats why my stubby fingers are in shot!) And no I'm not touching it, my fingers are in front if it!



‘Mariner’s Galaxy’

By Jules Devine

The large photo above doesn't do it justice as there was sun streaming in across the top of the quilt and then the bottom was in shade! Oh well the detail shot come out OK.

I love points and this quilt is full of them.The quilting was lovely and the beading added sparkle to this 'Galaxy'.


‘My Sunny Spot in the Bush’ By Juliet Fitness.

The full photo I took of this didn't come out very good as there was a window with sun streaming in above it. But this was my favourite of the wall hangings. I loved the old towel on the washing line, and the cat in the basket. Also if you have a close look, native tree names are quilted into the background, very clever.


Also at the show was the NZ suitcase exhibition of the 'Hoffman Challenge'. Here's a few that I liked.


'Tree Top Snack'

By Debbie Benton, Turakina


'Country Classics'

By Robyn Parkinson, Palmerston North



By Margaret O’Cain, Dunedin


'High Five'

By Joanne Mitchell, Geraldine

This is a 3D piece when you look at it from the right, you see Sir Ed Hillary…


..And when you look at it from the left you see Mount Everest.

Joanne said she found this technique 'Challenging but Fascinating'

The Hoffman Challenge usually comes to 'Reyburn House Art Gallery' here in Whangarei too, so watch out for that later in the year. I rang them for dates but it's not booked in yet (but will be).


  1. Great photos Leanne of gorgeous quilts; thank you for sharing them.

  2. Wow!! Some absolute stunners!real works of art and keepsakes.Thanks again for sharing with us, you are so good at that.

  3. Great photos Leanne. That was the end of last years Hoffmann Challenge. If up your way later this year, then it will be this years one.

  4. Sorry I see I spelt your name wrong Leeann.


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