Monday, March 28, 2011

CollaboratioNZ 2011 Art Auction

To start off I better explain what CollaboratioNZ is. Every 2 years a large group of National & International Artists gather together at McGregors Bay for a week to share, learn and make art together. At the end of the week all the art made during the week is auctioned, and the money from the auction funds the next CollaboratioNZ in 2 years time. Here's a video make during the 2009 CollaboratioNZ which shows various Artists working together.

So now you know what CollaboratioNZ is all about, here's some photos I took at the Art Auction on Saturday.

I liked this large piece and thought it would look good in the garden! I wanted to get a photo of my son and his girlfriend looking through it but, he didn't like that idea (see him dragging her away)


I really liked this little house on a cliff and the stairs to a diving board. On the back there was a ladder to climb back up!


I thought this would have looked good at home too, but I was out bid.


This large outdoor wind sculpture was interesting. This is the first time I have seen a propeller attached to the singer sewing machine! The whole top spins when the wind catches the large 'sail' and the propeller is attached to the wheel so when propeller spins the machine 'sews'.


Here's what some different Artists made with the sewing machine cover. I love the carrot on a stick.


It's title is 'Horseless Tart' which made sense when you looked inside the cart! This piece made a lot of people laugh.

The Auction went well with all 150plus pieces selling. Prices ranged from $50 to $10,000. Nothing came home with me, I was out bid on everything I liked. But I still had a great time seeing all the Art and the intense bidding for some items.

After the Auction I went and had a look at the Billboard Competition entries (for promoting Whangarei) at the Town Basin.

There are 12 Billboards to see on the grass behind Reyburn Art Gallery, so make the time and go and have a look. These were my 3 favourites. 037-qpr

Pataua Bridge by Diane Stoppard


Town Basin by Val Rufus-Ellis


Surf Life Saving Champs, Ruakaka by Nickie Muir

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