Thursday, May 27, 2010

Quilt Sculptures by Fraser Smith

Club member Helen Barron recently told me about walking past an Art Gallery in San Francisco. She had to go in and have a look as they had these amazing quilts on the wall.

When she had a closer look at the quilts she realised they weren't quilts. They are sculptures carved from wood! They are made by Artist Fraser Smith who carves them from solid blocks of wood and then paints them with water colours or oil based pigments. These are just a few of his carved quilts. Go and have a look at his website to checkout his other works. They are incredibly detailed from the gentle ripples in the 'fabric', right down to the 'quilting stitches'.

When I contacted Fraser Smith for permission to use these images on the blog he told me he is in the process of making a time lapse video of his latest carved quilt. So I'll post his video for us all to watch soon.


  1. I saw him on a TV programme once. He does amazing work.

  2. I remember seeing this artist on Simply Quilts a few years ago. So clever. Wonder if his wife (or Mum) quilts? Something must have started him on this wooden quilt business.


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