Monday, May 17, 2010

Abstract Mosaic Wall Hanging- Quick Tutorial

REQUEST, I have noticed this page is getting a lot of looks from all around the world. Hey I'm nosey, so write me a comment on how you found this post! If you make a wall hanging please send me a photo, I'd love to see your version. Leeann :-)

Remember this beautiful wall hanging? Lynne O'Donnell did a tutorial on it at her satellite group the 'Wot Knots'. A few years ago Lynne took a class with Olga Walters - 'Add Libbing with Vliesofix'. This fused mosaic was one of the ideas in the workshop. At home Lynne made it hers by adding silver lamé cut outs and a beaded fringe.
A lot of you have asked for a tutorial on making one so here it is. First cut your background a little larger than you want your wall hanging to be. Chose about 5 fabrics to applique. Can be complementary, contrasting its up to you.
TIP use hand dyes or batiks as this is raw edge applique and you don't want 'white' raw edges showing. If you have to use a pale backed fabric because you just love it, use black as your background, then you can colour in the edges after quilting with a black fabric marker.
Cut squares of your applique fabrics and iron fusible to back of them. Size depends on how big your wall hanging is. Then cut your fused applique fabrics into triangles (or other shapes, but triangles are nice). Arrange them on the background leaving gaps in between. When you are happy iron them down.

Layer your backing, batting and top and quilt as you like (see photos for ideas). Iron fusible to lamé (use an applique sheet as fusible glue sometimes comes through lamé). Cut out shapes from lamé, arrange and fuse, using applique sheet again. TIP if you cut spirals like Lynne did, you get 2. The waste from the spiral you are cutting is a bonus spiral!
Add a beaded fringe to bottom edge, (tuck it in as you sew the binding on). The fringe is made from raw edge strips of fabric with beads. Lynne's fringe was made using her applique fabrics, coming out of the binding on the front of wall hanging. Mine was made using black (the background fabric) and caught in the back of binding. You may want to add a pre-made beaded fringe, its up to you. Complete binding.
Then make and attach a hanger to your quilt. Lynne & I made a strip of background fabric to hang ours, you may want to use a sleeve and dowel, again its your choice. I sewed a wooden skewer into the top edge of the binding to keep it flat against the wall.
Have a look at some of the different ideas from the group below.

Kath has started to quilt hers in radiating diagonal lines and added sequins. Looking forward to seeing this finished.

Elaine has used a fancy feather stitch around her shapes, and then spiral quilted each piece. It gives it a crazy patch look. Elaine didn't want all triangles so has cut some different shapes.

I wanted some curved edges so I didn't do triangles either! I quilted mine in spirals, and added leaf shapes cut from gold lamé.

I sprayed my fringe with water then curled it by twisting and leaving to dry.

My wall hanging 'Falling Leaves', finished.


  1. Wow! That looks really awesome. Love the brown and shiny gold colors

  2. thanks! I will be coming back to look at that again.

  3. Beautiful wall hangings!!!! I will need to put that on my must do list!!! Thankyou for the Tutoriol.

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  5. Awesome, and sounds easy...I'll have to give it a try!

  6. Thats lovely, this site is definately motivating me =) EQ7

  7. Thanks for sharing the how to!
    I really love the autumn looking one with leaves! I gave me the idea of doing one of these for each season or holiday. I think I am going to start with a Red, White and Blue one for the 4th of July. Maybe put stars on it or try to quilt insome fireworks with sparkling thread!
    I'm inspired! Thanks again!

  8. wow those are pretty and I love the texture that the fringe adds!

    Fall is my favorite time of year, and your colors are perfect!


    Love from Texas! ~bonnie

  9. Nice of you to share Leeann.Yours is very effective with leaves...nice autumn colours.

  10. Love the look of your wall hanging, they all look great, each one in their own way. This definitely on my to do list.

  11. What a great and easy wall hanging. I am going to gave this a try. Helen EQ7

  12. I am loving this mosaic idea. I have to try this

  13. Found your site from (
    Great Tute, Thanks

  14. I googled quilt triangles that look curved and found your blog in the images tab!

  15. Beautiful work! thanks


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