Saturday, October 13, 2018

Keri Keri Quilt Show

Just over a week ago I went to the Keri Keri Quilt Show. 
Here are a few quilts that appealed to me.

Simply Spring by Beryl Thompson

And lastly here are a few from Aotearoa Quilters Pink Challenge

Pretty in Pink in Paris by Camilla Watson

Life is a journey, enjoy the ride by Avon Haigh

Dry Me! by Sonya Prchal Winner of the Pink Challenge

PS: the font sizes are all over the place! Blogger was not playing nice today, and I gave up trying to get them the same!


  1. These were some of my favourites too. It was a nice show.

  2. Thanks for sharing, as for once I couldn't make the show! Looks like good lighting. I'm pleased it was back in the school hall.


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