Thursday, November 16, 2017

Auckland Festival of Quilts 2017 (2)

Second lot of photos from the Auckland Festival of Quilts.

I have taken a photo of the whole quilt, then sometimes a detail photo, and then the labels and another of their ribbons if won.

This Dr Who quilt was my Favorite (I love Dr Who) The colours of the photos make it look muted, it was brighter than this. 

Dr Who by Margaret Reid and Rebecca Owen

Dandelion Wishes by Margaret Reid

Gypsy Mistress by Megan Lourie

In the Pink by Anita Arbery

Variable Stars by Birgit Rahm 

Green Swallow Sommelier by Robyn Rognstad

Fiery Cabins by Dawn Chambers

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  1. I have had the best time poring through your quilt show posts. Thank you for doing that and for pairing the info with the pictures. There are so many truly fabulous quilts, I could never choose a favorite. Isn't it crazy how much the camera can change colors?


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