Sunday, March 2, 2014

Where did February go?

Can't believe it's March already! February has been busy, lots of stuff going on from a quick holiday in Tauranga (which was lovely). Very busy at work with a large increase of the school roll (there's a promise of more hours, but we will see). Mum has finally got a placement at a Resthome, lots more to do now with clearing her house and putting on the market, one step at a time everyone keeps telling me.... & Brad has returned to Hamilton, to a new flat, glad all that moving/buying/planning is now done, though I will have to take more stuff down to him as everything didn't fit into the car!

Trying to keep sane I did a little bit of sewing. I made the blue square border for my Split Nine Patch Quilt, and now it is in the "Top" pile.

I also pin tacked my red and white quilt top that I made in 2012 (looked back on the blog to find that out!) It doesn't seem nearly two years since I made it. I pinned it at a UFO class at Northland Sewing Centre (Bernina). I really need to do some quilting now so when I go back this month I have something to show!


  1. You have been a busy girl, haven't you. Love both your quilts, the dark blue pieced border on your split nine patch looks great and ties it all together. Your red and white one looks great too, all pinned up ready to quilt. Guess that will be your next quilty job to do.

  2. I love both those quilts and look forward to seeing what you do with them when you quilt them. The pieced blue border is perfect for your split nine patch.

  3. Oh like the red one! The blue is awesome.....lots of piecing!

  4. I love the Split Nine Patch, is there a pattern?

    1. Sorry Sylvia I can't reply to you as your blogger profile is a 'no reply blogger'

      In the hope that you return to looks here is a link to pattern


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