Sunday, July 28, 2013

Pam Holland Lecture and Small Quilts

Well I've been back from Taupo for several days now so I thought I'd better blog some more about Symposium. It was full on so I came home tired (as did everyone else I know who went). Still have my cold and poor hubby was sick when I arrived home too :(  So glad the next Symposium will be in summer!

Anyway onto the interesting stuff..... I went to Pam Holland's lecture and really enjoyed it. She is a great story teller. Pam is an incredibly busy lady who has 15, yes 15 children (forgot how many grand children) and she travels the world teaching quilting, and taking tours. If you ever get a chance to do a class or lecture with her do, as she is very funny and could very easily have become a Comedian.
After the lecture we were allowed to look through, and handle some of the small works she bought with her. Each one is different from the next as she doesn't like repeating the same ideas.  Anyway here's a few photos I took of some of them.  
I love the stitching on this and the dyed/painted muslin overlays
Simple little block with great stitching.
Love the thread drawn buildings on this one.
Detail from the work above. See the washing on the roof?

Ths is A for Attitude from Pams book 'The Adventures of the Amazing Alphabet'
This started as drawing for a grandchild and then Pam thought she would do the whole alphabet. Then she decided she would make up her drawings in fabric, which then lead to it being a book. (link to book in caption above)

This is C for Cups


  1. Looks like a whole heap of fun!
    Pam's alphabet looks great.

  2. Oh my - I think I fainted at the 15 children bit, but once I came too, her work is gorgeous! Shame that the Symposium book didn't really show it so well. I should have gone and looked at her work online.


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