Saturday, April 20, 2013

Show n Tell April 2013

Kaleidoscope quilt made by Kim Bodman. Kim made this in a class with Janet Greeks.
The border fabric is the fabric used to make all the kaleidoscopes.

Catherine Anderson made this quilt from a jelly roll. The pattern is by Pam & Jenny Lintott.
I'm sorry the photo doesn't really do this lovely quilt justice. (the sun was shining through it.)

"All Scraps" made by Riki Going

Angela & Judy made this for a farming nephews 21st birthday. They used two farming panels as the base, and have backed it with a dark minky fabric.

"For Beth"  Francis Dixon made this for her Great Niece.

"Mocha Anyone?" made by Sue Farrier in Kerry Glen's recent wedding ring class.

And this is Beryl McDowell's table runner from Kerry class.

Gaye Miller made this a few years ago in a Mary Transom class. She has since cut it up and sewn it together again! She has decided she still doesn't like it so is going to give it away! But she said it was good to practise her freemotion quilting on.

Helen Barron made this cute little quilt using the left overs from another she made last year.

Sue Farrier made this for a Grandson who doesn't like blankets. She is hoping that having his favourite things on it will win him over! It is backed with a polar fleece panel of cute puppies. (the sun was shinning through this one too sorry. The shapes you can see are the puppies on the back)

The large doll is Elizabeth (who is 49 years old). She belongs to Diane, Marie Finegan's daughter.
Merle Armiger gave Elizabeth a makeover, which included washing and styling her hair, and making her a beauitful new dress and shoes. I think Barbie was lucky to get a new dress too.

"Autumn" a small wall hanging by Shirley Julian

"Moonlight" by Shirley Julian.
It was inspired by the beautiful sunsets she saw, caused by the smoke from the Australian brush fires.

Relda made the xmas nine patches and was trying to give them away, there were no takers until Leonie Wihongi remembered some blocks she had that could go with them. Leonie put them altogether and quilted the quilt. She then surprised Relda by giving her the quilt.

Close up of one of the applique blocks Leonie made.


Two special serviettes made by Deidre McNeill


Block Roll & Bag made by Sandra Lee Campbell.


And finally a table runner made by Judith Allan.


  1. Some very busy women! It's great you take the time to photograph them all.

  2. Thanks Leeann, I always love looking at "Show and Tell".

  3. I love looking at show and tells too. There's some great work there. I particularly admire all the effort that's gone into the scrap quilt - a great effect with the colours.


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