Monday, December 3, 2012

Easy Street Progress

I'm doing Bonnie Hunter's (Quiltville) new mystery Easy Street. I have decided to make only half the units, as I'm not sure if I have enough of the right colours in the stash.

I also just converted the size Bonnie said the quilt will finish into centimetres.
If I was making all the units, this quilt without borders would measure 213cm square, with borders 260cm square! That is one big quilt, so I'm glad I'm only doing half the units!

So here is the progress I have made so far, the first two clues done. If you want to see some of the others doing the Mystery, Bonnie has a 'Linky' of other bloggers here for you to have a look. The first 'Linky' had 239 blogs link up! I wonder if there will be that many this time.
This are the flying geese units & rectangles from clue 2
Four patches, these were clue 1
I have also been working on sewing together the units of the Red/White quilt I started at the Quilt retreat last weekend. Don't they match my Bernina nicely ;-)
Red/White blocks
Just finished reading Jennifer Chiaverini's latest 'Elm Creek' novel, 'The Giving Quilt'. I was pleased there wasn't too much repeating of the info from the previous books in this one. A few new characters are introduced and it will be nice to see them in future books. This book was a bit different too, as there was some of the 'unpleasant' aspects of quilting written into the storyline. 


  1. Duh! Why didn't I think of only doing half the units in Bonnie's Easy Street? I've been going crazy trying to get enough black on white for Unit 1, haven't started Unit 2, and haven't linked up yet either! I love yours, and your red/white, too!

  2. I am watching from afar - with interest!! I'm looking forward to reading this latest Elm Creek book too, just need to get my hands on a copy.

  3. Copy what Raewyn says! On the book & the Bonnie mystery......have fun.

  4. You geese are looking good. You have a great variety of purples!

  5. Your color scheme is shaping up nicely for Easy Street! Love those "Bernina" blocks too! Best wishes!

  6. The red and white quilt is looking amazing Leeann. I am looking forward to reading the book too, particularly as a dear friend has lent me a copy. I thought your idea of only doing half of the blocks for Bonnie's mystery Easy Street was a good one, think I might do the same.

  7. Hi Leeann! Your geese look great! Such good variety on the b/w fabrics!
    Gotta say, I love how that red and white quilt is going to look and the whirlygig blocks are soooo cute!!
    Also thanks for the ironing vids...I needed a laugh today! : )

  8. Lovely looking geese. I love the variety of black/white fabrics you used.


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