Sunday, May 6, 2012

Some Books and Blocks

What a mess! Surprised smile I’m sure it was only a couple of posts ago I was saying how good Oscar the Cat is at not playing with my blocks when I set them out on the floor! I think someone must have told him about that as he made short work of messing these up! Oh well at least its only 9 blocks and a few sashings, not too much to fix.
I have been doing more reading than sewing lately and thought I’d share. The first is the latest in the ‘Stephaine Plum’ series by Janet Evanovich. These are so funny you really do laugh out loud as you read. If you haven’t read any start with the first ‘One for the Money’.
The book in the centre is ‘The Devil’s Puzzle’ by Clare O’Donohue who writes quilitng murder mysteries. I think this is about the third in the series and they are not too bad, kind of like the ‘Midsomer Murders’ TV programme but it is centred around a quilter and her boyfriend who is the local Sherriff.
And with all the Titanic things on TV lately I thought I’d read a book about it too. I haven’t started this one yet. But I did listen to an interview with the author recently and he was very interesting so I’m hoping the book is too.
Of course I had to get out a couple of ‘quilty’ books too Open-mouthed smile.  These are all Public Library books (I love the Library, especially searching the catalogue online).


  1. naughty Oscar!!!
    I must try Clare O'Donohue. And Peggy Holt. The library is fantastic.

  2. I love your flying dutchman squares, Leeann! I love reading too...I love going to bed early with a hot cuppa and reading before I go to sleep :0)


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